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Typical Client Profile

Typically a client comes us to needing advice with regards to their investment requirements, retirement planning or estate planning and typically have assets in excess of £250,000 or often significantly more. We have listed below in more detail some of the types of clients that often come to us for advice and help:

  • Approaching Retirement
  • Retired Couple/Individual
  • Business Owner/Company Director
  • Recent Widow/Widower
  • The Suddenly Wealthy

Approaching Retirement

  • When should I retire?
  • Can I take all of my pension at once?
  • I’m not sure what my pension income will be?
  • Are annuities appropriate now?
  • Am I taking too much risk with my retirement funds?

Life is busy and you are probably now a few years from retirement and wish to review your retirement planning. Your portfolio is currently growth orientated; however, there is a need to reconsider the priorities and existing pension arrangements.

You may have existing pension arrangements you wish to better understand and potentially consider your estate planning.Perhaps you are unsure of how to plan and spend your retirement, our cashflow planning can show you how your financial affairs are likely to look in the future.

As retirement approaches and objectives and key issues begin to change we are there to help manage, give real peace of mind and smooth the transition to retirement, making it something you can look forward to.

Retired Couple

  • How do I know how much I can spend in retirement?
  • What about inflation?
  • Can I afford to give any money away to my children?
  • Do I have enough money if I needed Long Term Care?
  • Can I take an income from my investments and still plan for Inheritance Tax?

You are a couple who have recently retired and are living largely from your investment capital. You need the investments to grow sufficiently to protect you from the risk of inflation, but with the risk of loss strictly controlled. You need to know whether you have enough or perhaps too much and if so how best to plan to distribute the surplus.

Perhaps you are unsure how to balance the enjoyment of retirement and helping the children or grandchildren. Estate planning can often influence matters. We can help you find out what is ultimately important to you; combined with thorough cash flow planning people are surprised at how clear things become.

A business owner

  • Should the business contribute more to my pension?
  • Can I draw all of my pension when I want?
  • What are the tax benefits of company pensions?
  • I have employees, how do I comply with auto-enrolment?
  • Can the firm pay for my life cover?
  • How do I protect my shareholding and other risks to my business?

We help the Directors/business owners with the management of their personal assets, company assets and with the firm’s pension planning. We will review shareholder/partnership protection, key person employee protection and work with your accountant on these more complex areas.

A recent widow/widower

  • My partner managed the finances, what do I do next?
  • I don’t want to think about money, I just want it dealt with.
  • What should I do with my inheritance, can I help my children?
  • How do I avoid my children paying inheritance tax?

These clients look to us for support in several ways. This client may have limited investment experience and is going through an emotionally challenging time. This is a specialised area where as qualified life planners you could not be in better hands.

We may not invest until we have had time to go through an educational process about investing. We will often include close family members in the conversation if it helps. As the client becomes more knowledgeable and emotionally ready, we will then put an appropriate portfolio together to meet their long-term objectives.

The suddenly wealthy 

  • I don’t have time to manage my finances but I want my money to work for me.
  • What kind of investment risk is suitable for me?
  • What are the investment options available to me?

Typically if this is you, you are extremely busy and might be quite young. Things are happening fast in your life and you are looking for guidance to manage your wealth as life progresses. Depending upon your lifestyle and financial goals, you are probably looking for comprehensive financial management to allow you to pursue life’s other goals.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax Planning.