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Retirement Planning

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I live in London with my wife and run a successful Arbitration Company, we have children who are now at University, so it is an expensive time in our lives. I needed to seek advice for my retirement planning and how to be tax efficient with my financial planning.

I was unable to find a firm that I was confident with in London. Therefore, as I had dealings with Clover Wealth Management in Exeter being involved as a Trustee for my mother’s investment with them, I was confident in their capability, so I knew that they were technically good and I could trust them.

I had built up a number of retirement plans over the years on a piecemeal basis together with an occupational scheme.

I arranged a meeting with Clover Wealth Management who then took time to really understand me and my business, contacted my accountant and ascertained all of the facts surrounding our financial plans and affairs. I was impressed with their attention to detail.

Clover Wealth Management provided a financial strategy that would help both me and my Company. I was able to make significant contributions to my Self Invested Personal Pension Plan via the Company and this saved the Company tax and provided me with additional retirement benefits. A year later, we made another substantial Company contribution which they calculated was within my annual allowance.  I was then able to register for Fixed Protection as it was likely that if I didn’t I would potentially exceed my Lifetime Allowance.

Paying the highest rate of tax had meant that I had lost my personal allowance, by using the tax free cash as income this allowed me to regain it, making further savings.

They also tidied up all of my existing smaller pensions investing in a low cost investment process which I am really pleased with.

Our clients value our discretion. For confidentiality reasons, some of the information in this case study has been changed.