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Wealth Management

We work closely with you to provide a comprehensive approach to Wealth Management, understanding what it is you want your money to achieve.

The Wealth Management Journey

Always keeping your goals at the forefront, we believe in investing to achieve a good return over the long term and we know this is an exercise that requires patience and a certain tolerance. We realise this is money that has often been hard earned and needs to be managed in a way that carefully balances the risks alongside the potential for good returns. We use a logically based investment approach which is thoroughly researched.

Looking to build long term, trusting and collaborative relationships, we take the time to explain to you our recommendations without jargon and help you make smart decisions about your wealth.

We have investment principles which we base our investment recommendations upon.

  • Investing is a means to an end – Our wealth management advice is always aligned to your individual financial planning requirements and long-term goals. That’s why we start by understanding what is truly important to you.
  • Maintain investment discipline – Our approach ensures that we provide you with the investment discipline required to realise your investment goals – this is not a short term game.
  • Diversify and keep costs low – We believe in investing in a diversified array of asset classes. Typically we may use a range of low cost institutional funds, keeping the costs low with a view to maximising your returns.
  • Don’t try to predict the future – We believe successful investing does not require the ability to predict the future.
  • Risk & return are inseparable – Stocks and bonds that offer higher than average returns relative to the market almost always carry higher risk. Understanding this relationship enables investors to strike a balance between performance goals and the degree of uncertainty they can accept.

Sensible Investing

The first priority when considering investment is to ensure that you maintain sufficient accessible funds for any shorter term requirements.

We will ascertain your risk tolerance and capacity for loss using market leading tools and then discuss the most suitable portfolio for you. See ‘How we work with you’ for a full breakdown of our wealth management/investment process.

Using our cash flow planning process we can examine how your investments will meet your long term needs and may be able to identify opportunities for estate planning if you are financially secure. We explain to you as clearly as possible, without jargon, our investment recommendations and the likely long term scenarios.

Our remuneration

We charge fees which are paid directly by our clients. We are not paid via commissions or introducer fees.