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Lifestyle and Financial Planning

Lifestyle and Financial Planning

My wife and I were approaching retirement. I had been in business for many years running my own company and we had built up some retirement assets over the years. We had always lived within our means and worked hard. We were referred to Clover Wealth Management by a sailing friend who highly recommended them to us.

We had been struggling to work out how we could structure our retirement and if we could afford to retire. My wife had been offered early retirement by her employer and we needed advice as to the best option for us and if she should accept it.

We met with Clover Wealth Management and were very impressed with their approach. They encouraged us to dream. To think beyond where we were today, let down our boundaries and open our minds to the possibility of living a retirement without worries – while still being able to provide an inheritance for our children.

After a number of meetings we agreed our financial plan. We structured our affairs to provide the income we needed, tax efficiently, whilst investing in a way that would help to retain the purchasing power of our capital.

We owned a small boat and had always wanted to own a larger, better boat but we never though it would be possible, especially so close to retirement. Clover Wealth Management helped us make this dream a reality and we now own the boat that we had always wanted.

My wife has taken her retirement, I have now sold the business and we really enjoy spending time on the boat and having time with the family.

We discovered a lot about ourselves, what was really important to us and that we are now fortunate to find ourselves financially free. We take great comfort in knowing that our affairs are in order, structured efficiently and that we can make plans to shield against inheritance tax whenever we feel the time is right.



Our clients value our discretion. For confidentiality reasons, some of the information in this case study has been changed.